school program

The Trampoline School provides education mostly in French which respects the teaching principles and the standards of Peruvian education. To make sure your child acquires all the fundamental knowledge that will enable him to develop his intellectual capacities and talents, The Trampoline School follows the programme established by the French Ministry of National Education by integrating the teaching of Spanish and Peruvian history and culture.

School Cycle
The kindergarten is the educational and teaching basis on which all learning to be pursued in primary school will be consolidated and developed.

The first school cycle which begins from the age of 2 and a half years up to the age of 6 years consists of:
Little Section (3 years)
Medium Section (4 years)
Big Section (5 years)

At this stage, the school program offers various activities for addressing the following fields of exploration: Appropriating the language, discover the writing, becoming a pupil, acting and expression with one's body, discovering the world, perceiving, feeling, imagining and creating. Each teacher accompanies each of his pupils during the time of this first stage of fundamental acquisitions by setting up a framework of life and an organization of activities that promote his autonomy and socialization.

Especially in the kindergarten, the programme is not hidebound by a rigid timetable, but favours the multi-disciplinary workshops. The different fields of learning will be addressed throughout the three years of kindergarten. The programme establishes the objectives to be achieved and describes the skills that will need to be acquired before going to primary school.

School cycle:
Going to primary school is often experienced as an important step in the school life of each pupil. To pursue the development of each of them, The Trampoline School gathers its know-how to provide a framework of education which is dynamic, rigorous and welcoming, where pupils enjoy learning.
Primary school includes 5 levels: CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2


  • The programme covers all the basic subjects and prepares the pupil for secondary education. It includes the following areas of learning:
  • Language: The purpose of most activities is mastering the French and Spanish languages: Understanding, speaking, reading and writing 
  • Living language: English
  • Mathematics: Calculating, measuring and solving problems
  • Science and Technology
  • History and geography, good manners,
  • Plastic arts and music
  • Physical education

It is during this step at school that the pupil will develop the following skills: knowing how to listen, proposing, arguing and organizing his work and which will enable him to acquire a critical spirit.


The library contains more than 200 titles of all kinds: Albums, tales, poetry, magazines, and documentaries. Most books in French have been recorded in MP3 format so that children, whose parents do not speak French, can listen to their history at home.
We also have several books in Spanish. The library is managed by the teacher and each week, pupils can borrow from it.

We welcome children from Monday to Friday from 7:50 am.
A welcome time is planned until 8:15 am, at which time activities begin.
The pupils are under the responsibility of school staff until breaking-up time:

Kindergarten: 2 periods of 30 minutes
Primary: 2 breaks of 20 minutes
During one of the two breaks, the children may eat their snack provided by the families.

places and equipment

The Trampoline School is temporarily located in the Barrio Industrial in Mancora.

Today we have 3 work areas:

  • A kindergarten area suited to the needs of the child and the development of his self-confidence and autonomy.
  • A Primary area designed to facilitate learning and develop skills
  • An area prepared for autonomy activities by bringing together the provision of teaching materials, free access to computing teaching applications (1 computer and 1 tablet), a reading corner and a plastic arts area.

For the amusement of children, we have a puppet theatre, a little house, a dolls corner, a market/restaurant corner, a slide, 2 swings and 2 trampolines.

A space dedicated to breeding farm animals (chickens, ducks, rabbits), a vegetable garden and compost heap for experimenting with some lessons.


Regular activities:

Activities like workshops of yoga, physical expression, music, theatre, etc. will mark the school year: They will be led by the teachers themselves or by outside people.

School outings:

Outings linked with the study programmes are organized throughout the year by those in charge.
You will be notified a few days in advance by letter.

Support in French

In parallel, we offer a variety of formative activities and fun in French a few afternoons per week over the period from June to September. It is the opportunity for the pupils to play and have fun whilst enhancing their level of French.

For all activities, we make sure they are safe and beneficial to children.

admission and registration

The Trampoline School presents you with a unique educational project needing the commitment of parents to the educational philosophy of the school and to the values that are conveyed.
During an informative meeting in November, the parents are informed about the specific elements contained in our educational project, in such a way as to make an informed and committed choice for their child. We will provide, at this time, the approach to be followed and the criteria for admission.
If the parents fulfil the conditions, each application for admission will be studied. The decision will be given to the parents in due time before the end of the registration period.

When is the application for admission to be made: From early November

The Trampoline School offers a system of financial assistance and scholarships. 10% of pupils will benefit from this support to give a chance for the children whose parents have limited resources to have access to this education.

The offer is the following:
The parents provide 50% of the school fees of the child until a sponsor chooses to provide half or full payment of school fees.

How can I take advantage of this aid?

  • Withdrawal of the file
  • Submission of the file: Before 30th November of each year. Only 10 files will be accepted.
  • Complete the file and include an application letter.
  • File submitted to the Commission of studies
  • Interview with the school
  • Decision taken by 3 members of the school. Answer at the end of December.


  • Parents must show their financial situation and their needs.
  • Adhere to the school's project
  • Demonstrate their willingness and their action plan to improve their financial condition.
  • Programme possible only for children of 3 years