our history

Everything began with love at first sight for the north of Peru ...

We are a French family who has established itself progressively to Mancora, and we are surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. It has already been more than 15 years that waves, wind, sunshine, great food, quality of life and the warm welcome of the local population have captivated us each day and bring us increasingly to invest ourselves in this Peruvian life each day.

Over the years, our family has expanded. For several years, teachers from France have provided a role of CNED tutor for our seniors. Then, once the smaller children were of school age, we have created a small fun space for them to do their "Home-School". We then saw the arrival, little by little, of intrigued parents wishing to bring their children to this new experience.
In 2013, we had 10 pupils. With its success, we have taken the steps to make the school official with the Peruvian authorities.
The school going by the name of "The Trampoline" was established at the beginning of the autumn term of 2014 and counts now with around 50 kids from 3 to 11 years old.

Mother of 4 children, keen on education and concerned for the happiness of each of them, my desire has been to create a new concept of school combining several dimensions which seem to me, to this day, to be essential in education and the personal construction of each individual in this constantly changing world:

  • Bilingual and multicultural education,
  • A philosophy inspired by the Montessori approach
  • Awareness of ecology and healthy eating

Everything, not forgetting to take advantage of the wealth of northern Peru: "World Class" waves, taking all its meaning with the setting up of Surfing Studies.

To finish, I would like to wish you an excellent time in our school among us and our dearest wishes for success!

Thank you for your confidence.

Annaïg Loyer Echene

For the little story:

"The Trampoline" School, why?
My son Maori, 4 years old, who flitted between schools in France, Chile, and Peru, once asked me to which school he would go to once he returned to Mancora? I replied to him that he would go to school opposite the house. Because there was a trampoline on this bit of land, Maori then came back at me: The Trampoline School, Mummy?
I smiled and found the name odd for a school. Loaded of symbols, "The Trampoline" grabbed me and has resonated in me as the perfect name for a school whose job will be one of accompanying our little school children to excel beyond their limits and, why not, reach the summits?

our mission and philosophy


The Franco-Peruvian School "The Trampoline" is an Private Educational Institution whose fundamental objective is to prepare children in academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and artistic terms, so as to be able to adapt to a constantly changing world.

The education of our school places emphasis, not only on book knowledge but also on the capacity to find one's own way, becoming responsible, taking pleasure in learning and developing a critical spirit.

The educational project is structured around the following main objectives:

  • Implementing open and interactive teaching
  • Promoting multi-lingual and multi-cultural education, whilst strengthening the native language
  • Developing the autonomy and identity of each pupil through semi-alternative teaching
  • Incorporating New Technologies into the learning methods
  • Teaching them to live with nature, to respect and protect the environment
  • Giving importance to artistic, musical and bodily expression
  • Including the educational values of a sporting activity in the school programme: surfing


Religious neutrality, freedom, respect, autonomy, cooperation, effort and self-fulfilment

More precisely, the teaching approach of The Trampoline School rests on:

  • The transmission of objective knowledge in such a way as everyone will make its own opinion
  • The ability to make choices and assume responsibilities
  • The ability to persevere and excel. Developing taste for effort.
  • The ability to live with others and accept the differences and the choices of each
  • The development of one's potential and talents individually but also within a group.

By choosing the The Trampoline School for your child, you choose to commit yourself to living in coherence with these values.


our team

Our educational team consists of French and Peruvian teachers who, in addition to loving their work, do their utmost to accompany your child as best as possible on the path of learning.

By adhering to the educational values of the school, they are setting up activities that go with the educational project.

The Peruvian team, consisting of a school head teacher and a Peruvian teacher, who is a state graduate and experienced, provide the stimulation of the native language and the transmission of culture and the history of Peru.

All our French teachers are trained and qualified by French National Education and/or a private institution of alternative education. 

One of the professors is bilingual in English to provide teaching of this living language.

The whole team works together to ensure good consistency of learning with the educational project.

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