the project

The Trampoline School is growing and the space is no longer big enough to pursue the opening of new classes.

Our convictions are strong and we are convinced of the benefit of a holistic and natural education for our children. We really want to continue transmitting our educational values to subsequent generations.

The future of our planet is in their hands. Let us offer them the best tools to develop personally and collectively build a future for everyone! 

If you agree with and believe in our project*, please help us to fulfil it.

* The project is to transfer the school onto a much bigger site located in the area of Mancora. Full of algarrobos and palm trees, the land offers the ideal comfort and shade for receiving our School concept and its little pupils!

The project is already defined and budgeted. Our goal is to reach US$342,220 before the end of 2016 to make the following investments:

  • The purchase of one hectare of land: US$150,000
  • Construction of the area in environmentally friendly materials (bamboo, dried earth, stone, etc.) and the fitting of classrooms (US$15,000 and US$20,000 per class), administration offices (US$12,500), washrooms (US$ 3,500), a library of 30m2 (US$ 11,250), a computer room of 20m2 (US$30,000)
  • The setting up of an area for the breeding of animals: chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese, goats (US$2,000)
  • The development of a space reserved for an organic vegetable garden, using compost (US$1,620)
  • A sports area: Swimming pool (US$20,000), locker rooms of 30m² (US$11,000), sports field (US$4,850)
  • A playground (US$5,500)


Your generosity, such as it is, will always be regarded as a real contribution to achieving our project.

You can already send your donations to Eco-School & Surfing Project by filling out the following form.

Another way to give your support is to receive, in exchange for your donations, a testimony of recognition by The Trampoline School and the Eco-School & Surfing Project Association, according to the following scale:

1. US$50 to US$100: A School T-Shirt
2. US$100 to US$500: 1 + a beach bag in recycled plastic
3. US$500 to US$1000: 2 + Postcards and Stickers of the School
4. US$1000 to US$5000: 3 + 1 tree planted with the inscription of your name
5. US$5000 to US$10000: 4 + Your name to an alley, a place in the School
6. More than US$10000: 5+ Your name in the sports area or at the School Cultural Centre

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sponsor a child

The Trampoline School offers a system of financial assistance and scholarships.

10% of pupils will benefit from this support to give a chance for the children whose parents have limited resources to have access to this education.

By choosing to sponsor a child, you will allow him access to the international, ecological and sporting school programme offered by The Trampoline School.
You will have the chance to follow the development of your little student and be in contact with the family. A genuine exchange may be created, and even go, in some cases, up to meeting the child and the family.

If you are interested by this sponsorship programme, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer your questions and tell you the procedure to follow.


Do you want to join our mission and philosophy, and live through a unique experience with The Trampoline School?

We warmly welcome volunteers like you, wishing to share your human qualities and skills in the field in which you are specialized: education, arts, music, theatre, sport, surfing, ecology, healthy food, administration, marketing, photos, videos, etc.

Minimum period: 6 months
1st period: late February to late July.
2nd period: Late July to early December

Please contact us and we will send you the procedure to follow to join our team: